Person of the Day: Prof. Kari Systä

I’m on my second “stint” at  TUT and my cv consists of three parts

  1. 1980-1995 I studied Electrical Engineering and Software Technology, and worked in various research projects. The topics ranged from Ada-language, software visualization to formal methods.
  2. 1995-2011 I worked for Nokia Corporation. The list of technical topics I worked with includes digital TV, mobile Java, REST and Web as an application platform. I also participated in software process initiatives like introduction of Agile processes.
  3. 2011 I returned back to TUT and started as a professor of software engineering.

During these years I have seen tens on programming languages and thousands of technologies and methods – but I’m still searching for the perfect choices. So we still have research challenges.


During the last 6 years been teaching the following courses:

  • Introduction to Distributed Systems
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering Methodologies (TIE-21106)
  • Software Design (TIE-20200)

The last two courses are under my responsibility during the academic year 2017-2018. In addition, I have been involved with Project Course on Pervasive Systems (TIE-13106) and Demola Project (TST-01606).

Naturally, I have also had and still have numerous master thesis students.


In research I have two main interests:

  • Data Driven Software Engineering: modern developers use several tools that all collect data. It would be extremely interesting to use all that data for optimization and tracking purposes. One major project where I was able to progress with this was Need-for-Speed.
  • Liquid IoT Software. For decades I have been interested in moving code with applications like Liquid Software and programmable IoT devices. In addition, I have a concern of silos in IoT and thus I participate in projects like CityIot and Procem.


See TUTCRIS or Google Scholar.

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