Person of the Day: University Lecturer Jukka Koskinen

Jukka (A.) Koskinen celebrated his 20th TUT anniversary in August 2017. He graduated as a mathematician from the University of Turku, and became seasoned into information technology at Lappeenranta University of Technology for 12 years, before moving to TUT. From the Lappeenranta years dates his ongoing interest in computer aided teaching: then in maths, now in information security. The former field of education was essentially more straightforward than the latter, but his research interest is directed to an even more challenging target group, the general public. It focuses on the idea of developing a digital assistant for “daily information security”. The students of the biannual TUT course by the same name participate in the research with their opinions and the results from interviews they carry out. Results from these surveys can be found at  the The daily information security research results website. (The page is in Finnish but the articles are in English.) The work is mainly motivated by its educational use for TUT students. This also means that the idea of an assistant is better kept in an open-ended state. Another excuse for slow progress in actually creating an app is the fact that, since 2014, Jukka is working part-time only. He is rarely seen in Hervanta, but more often heard in Turku on the bassoon in the Akademiska Orkestern.

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