Person of the Day: Lecturer Matti Rintala


I’m Matti Rintala, working as a lecturer in our lab. I’m about as “permanent” staff as can be, I’ve been working at TUT for over twenty years now, mainly teaching courses both for our students and the industry, but also participating in the university’s teaching administration, and doing research when time allows.

During my student life I mainly studied software engineering and mathematics, and did my MSc work in Nokia Research Center (where I worked for a couple of years). Then I started my teaching career, during which I’ve taught quite many different courses (I’ve been partly responsible for removing most of my old courses form the current curriculum ūüėČ ). Many of my courses have been somehow related to the C++ programming language, and I did my PhD thesis on “Concurrent Exception Handling in C++”.

I’ve recently started actively working on C++ standardization, participating in parallelism and exception handling (I’ve been a Finnish expert member of the ISO C++ standardization group JTC 1/SC 22/Wg 21 for some time, but I’ve never had time to really contribute). I’ve just submitted and got feedback from my first C++ standardization proposal, I’ll write another blog post on that soon when I have more time.

On the teaching side, at the moment I’m responsible for two courses, Data structures and algorithms, and Principles of programming languages. I’m also participating on the administrative side of teaching in our university, including curriculum planning, degree program groups, education council (koulutusneuvosto), etc.

On a more personal note, my hobbies are currently mainly photography and taking care of our 4- and 8-year-old kids. Before having kids I also had time for acting and singing, but those have been mainly put on hold for now.

Concept diagram from my PhD thesis

Concept diagram from my PhD thesis, which is also related to the C++ standardization work


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