Seminars coming up in the spring

The lab is organizing several interesting seminar in the spring, come and join us discussing these contemporary topics:

Computer Graphics: An updated version of the old computer graphics course will return in periods 3 and 4 (Spring 2018) under the “TIE-12206 Post-graduate Seminar on Pervasive Computing” course name. This is a must if you are interested in game programming or have always wondered how 3D models can be converted to images with GPUs. The lectures will cover for example: graphics pipeline, shaders, rasterization, ray tracing, visiting lecture from Colossal Order, etc. The assignment is made with OpenGL/WebGL.  Contact Matias Koskela for more information.

Visualizing Software Development: a hot topic in software development is mining data repositories and developing visualizations from various kinds of software development data to increase visibility of software development processes to different stakeholders. If you’re interested in digging into data produced in the Continuous Deployment pipeline, developing tools to help find bottlenecks in software processes or learning about new visualization techniques, come and join us. This seminar also includes a practical assignment where students will develop small visualizations. This seminar is also arranged under the TIE-12206 Post-graduate Seminar on Pervasive Computing course name in periods 3 and 4. Contact Outi Sievi-Korte for more details.

Both seminars can be found in POP. A couple more seminars are also being planned, more about them later on.

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