IHTE arranged a seminar on Social Robotics

IHTE has now had it’s first official action around a brand new research topic – social robotics and human-robot interaction. The seminar day included three lectures that were open for everybody. First, Dr. Mohammad Obaid from Uppsala University introduced us to this new topic with nice research examples that they had done in their research group. Then, researcher Iina Aaltonen from VTT talked about social service robots and about their recent results with Pepper robot. Kimmo Vänni from TAMK talked about social robots in industry and occupational settings. We thank all speakers for their nice and educational lectures 🙂

Researcher Iina Aaltonen giving her speech about recent results with Pepper. Pepper listened to the results very carefully while Nao seemed to be a bit upset.

The afternoon was spent with the students by interacting with our robots Nao and Pepper that were ofcourse present on the course, as well as by doing workshop tasks. First, the students formed five groups and they selected the topics out of what we provided (children’s clinic experience, TAYS hospital new lobby experience, Tampere customer service point experience etc.) The first task was to brainstorm the target experiences for the selected topic and context, and after that, the students carried out some quick concepting for these specific experiences. And everything had to relate to social robotics ofcourse. In the end the results were presented.

The seminar students were very happy about interacting with Pepper.

The seminar was succesful and we will continue and proceed with the topic next year.

The Robot Ladies (Pepper, Nao, Kirsikka & Aino) wishes everybody very happy Christmas and welcomes all volunteers to the robot related user studies next year 🙂

Your most humble servants. When will they replace teachers? 😀

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