Person of the Day: Adjunct Professor Jussi Collin

Jussi Collin is a senior research fellow with inertial sensors applications as a research topic. He has been inventing and implementing algorithms for all kinds of gadgets and moving machines, where ever accelerometers and gyroscopes can provide useful information on motion.

He conducts research in Tekes funded projects CityTrack2 and Living Lab Bus, and nowadays more than often in directly funded industry projects. New inertial sensors are amazingly accurate and sensitive, and combining the measurements with modern machine learning techniques brings up interesting opportunities. For that reason, instead of solving sudokus he submits solutions to Kaggle competitions, with varying success. He likes to read about history of science and especially biographies of people such as Leibniz, Euler and Riemann. He takes care of TIE-52206 Inertial Sensors and Their Applications.


Figure: Random sample of project figures, more in TUTCRIS

If you need reference trajectory for your research campaigns, contact Jussi. Updated Tietotalo GNSS base station provides a short-baseline for measurements near TUT. Lab equipment includes top-class GNSS receiver and inertial measurement unit for generating cm-level reference trajectory. For example, for tracking moving vehicle or pedestrian he can set up antennas to back-bag or car roof and you are ready to go.

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