Person of the Day: University Lecturer Timo Aaltonen

I work as a University Lecturer in the Laboratory of Pervasive Computing. Since, my discipline is the data science, I’m responsible for teaching the all the database courses. As Big data rules the world, I have created a new course called Data-Intensive Programming. Sometimes, I organize seminars on interesting topics, also.

I have a long history in TUT. I started my studies in the late 80’s at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (sp?). I graduated at some point in the middle of 90’s and started the doctoral studies. I had a privilege to get supervision from the living legend professor Reino Kurki-Suonio and professor Tommi Mikkonen. I got my doctoral degree at 2005.

After few years in the Department of Software Systems, I joined Nokia at 2010. Timing could not have been worse. The company was spinning down. The Burning-Platform Speech was given next year. At 2013 I packed my staff and came back to TUT. When I came back, I led research which lead to establishing a apin-off company Wellness Warehouse Engine ( W2E service collects human wellness data (daily activity, weight, the quality of sleep, …), unify it (same units, similar structure) and offer the data via a well-defined REST API to third parties – with a permission from data owner, of course. I’m the CEO of the company.

On the free time my time is occupied by boy scouting. I’m a leader of a cub pack Ahmat (dozen 10 years old boys) in the scout group Tampereen Kotkat. Moreover, I play ice hockey in a hobby club Rangers (formerly Nokia Rangers). I’m an eager but hazardous left wing. I’m also enthusiastic for sailing. However, I’m currently executing a human experiment to test how long one can live without a sailing boat.

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