New Tenure Professors and a Post-Doc on SW and CyberSec

Today, we had cake and coffee for a good reason: we had the delight to welcome four new colleagues to strengthen our team:

  • Tenure prof. Antonios Michalas who previously worked in University of Westminister in London. He specializes on Cyber Security.
  • Tenure prof. Davide Taibi and Dr. Valentina Lenarduzzi (Post Doc) both from Free University of Bolzano, in the north of Italy. Their expertise is on empirical SW development.
  • Tenure prof. David Hästbacka who actually moved to our laboratory inside TUT from the laboratory of Automation and Hydraulic Engineering. He focuses on SW engineering of industrial systems.

In the following days, we will introduce our new colleagues in the blog post series Person of the day. Keep following!

Kippis for our new colleagues!

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