Person of the Day: Assistant Professor David Hästbacka


My name is David Hästbacka and I joined the Laboratory of Pervasive Computing in February as an Assistant Professor in the field of software engineering. Some of you might have seen me before as I’m not new to TUT and moved here from the Faculty of Engineering Sciences.

My background is in Automation engineering but my previous research as well as my studies have always been computer science related, and applied to industrial automation and production settings. My doctoral dissertation (in 2013) concerned model-driven (software) development of industrial control applications including domain-specific modeling, model transformations and engineering processes. Before joining Pervasive Computing I was working as an Academy Postdoctoral Researcher in the Laboratory of Automation and Hydraulic Engineering.

My primary research interests are in interoperability and integration of software based systems, and my current research concentrates around a few projects targeting industrial production environments. In the Academy of Finland funded Postdoctoral Researcher project I’m researching semantic interoperability of system interfaces using interface descriptions and mediation techniques. Flexible production environments with cloud, edge and locally deployed data-analytics services are researched in the EU ECSEL funded project Productive4.0. In the TUT coordinated H2020 project COCOP (led by Prof. Matti Vilkko) plant-wide monitoring and control using a coordinating optimization concept is studied. In addition to manufacturing and production, I’m also involved in the Tekes funded project Urban Smart Energy, focusing on developing digital ecosystem solutions for energy consumption awareness and new means to control energy usage on a neighborhood and district level.

I’m looking forward being part of Pervasive Computing and meeting all the people here!


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