When our Pepper robot became a TV star…

The day full of Actor-Robot Interaction

On Monday 19th of February the Human-Centered Robotics team was invited to YLE studios with Pepper. The purpose of the day was to shoot material for Robomestarit television series. Robomestarit is a production that is made in co-operation between Innokas network and YLE. The aim of the television series and online materials is to positively encourage programming in elementary schools, and provide pragmatic materials to support programming related activities in schools and childrens’ clubs. The television series will be broadcasted on television during April-May 2018.

“Where Am I?”

So, Pepper is a star now. Everything went well in the studio and Pepper behaved perfectly, thanks to Kirsikka as Pepper’s operator 🙂 We were hosted by Jyrki Laaksonen (whom you may  know from Pikku Kakkonen), the director of the Robomestarit production. We were warmly welcomed to YLE and we got a chance to work with many nice, friendly and professional people during the day. The atmosphere in YLE studios was just great! Everybody was interested in Pepper and we were surrounded by friendly faces and chat.

“I have never been here before..”

In addition to experiencing the shooting process, it was very interesting to observe Actor-Robot Interaction as well as Director-Robot Interaction in the studio. Here, some comments about this novel type of interaction directly from the actor Juho Kemell and the director Jyrki Laaksonen himself:

“This was my first time working with the robot so that we spoke and interacted together. It was fun. Although with the robot you need to wait until it speaks. With people you can see many things out of the gestures and expressions. But it was fun and worked well. Children and even adults fall in love with this robot.” (Juho Kemell, the actor in Robomestarit)

“It was the first time for me to work with a humanoid robot. Previously we have had visits to see industrial robots. It went now well with Pepper. Maybe required more time than with a human actor. Pleasant experience! It is quite convincing. The eyes look like being present, and it listens, and it seems to take you into account by turning to you and so. Very sympathetic.” (Jyrki Laaksonen, the director of Robomestarit)

And.. Action!!

“It is very cold out here..”

“Oh, are we in space now?”

Actor-Robot Interaction.

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