Summer at the Department

While the summer vacation time, especially July, tends to create a bit of a lull at workplaces in Finland, research activities at Pervasive Computing didn’t come to a complete halt even then. This summer, two research assistants Mikael Niemelä and Sampo Suonsyrjä have been hard at work with their thesis projects.


Mikael (on the left) and Sampo attending the Need4Speed Q2 review in June.

Mikael and Sampo interviewed each other so guys, introduce yourselves:

Sampo: Hi Mikael, tell us a little about yourself and what you do here at TUT.
Mikael: I started here at TUT on May the 2. as a thesis worker. I’m doing research on data mining and visualization of software version control. I will be working on the Need4Speed project at least until this fall.
S: What kind of things are you interested in your free time?
M: Well, I’m a big fan of different kinds of games. I’m a member of the TUT role playing club called Excalibur. It’s not all about role playing games as there are board games as well. I’m a photograph enthusiast too! There’s no special type of or a specific category of pictures I like to take, but if there’s something interesting going on, I try to seize the moment. That’s why I was part of this year’s Nääspeksi as a photographer.

Mikael: Hi Sampo, can you tell a bit about who you are and what are you doing here in TUT?
Sampo: I also started here recently as a thesis worker in the Need4Speed project. I’m doing research on aspect oriented programming and how to utilize it in software analytics. For example, maybe it would be useful to add a plugin to Java programs which collects data to determine that how customers are using the program.
M: Also, what kind of things you like to do on your spare time?
S: I’m mostly interested in sports like football, floorball and golf. Also, I like to watch ice hockey. Besides that I have had a start up business for about an year, its product is a worktime registration system.

About the Need4Speed(N4S) project: The Need4Speed program focuses on creating the foundation for the Finnish software intensive businesses in the new digital economy. The program is executed by a research consortium that consists of 11 large industrial organisations, 15 SMEs and 10 research institutes and universities including the Department of Pervasive Computing. The four-year Digile program (2014-2017) is funded by Tekes.

The program has three major areas of focus:
Delivering Value in Real Time  provides approaches, methods, and tools for designing, creating, and empirically evaluating prototypes of new products and services.  Deep Customer Insight focuses on gaining information about the true customer value of potential services, product features, and other possible aspects of user interaction with a service or a product. The aim of Mercury Business  is to enable companies not only to actively seek new directions for their existing business, but also to transform themselves to new areas.

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