Guest lectures in the computer graphics seminar

The computer graphics seminar had two guest lecturers this week.

In the first half of the lecture Antti Heinonen from Vertex Systems Oy gave a talk about 3D model simplifications and the glTF format. Simplification of a 3D model is an important task especially with CAD design models because they contain a lot of data. For example, a CAD model of a house might contain every nail and screw of the design. When the model is shown to a customer over the web these kinds of small details are unnecessarily slowing the rendering and loading performance.

In the second half of the lecture Anna-Liisa Mattila gave a talk about the 4k intros. Creation of 4k intros is an artform where the artist creates an audio-visual executable that takes less than 4 kilobytes of storage space. The executable is not allowed to load external data from the disk or the web. It is amazing how complex graphics and music can be fit into such a small amount of data. There are also competitions where a jury or the audience decides whose 4k intro is the best.

Having guest lecturers from companies is a very good manner of co-operation between university and industry. The students value the insights of worklife. This spring we have once again had many good guest lectures about many different topics. We thank all the guests investing their time and hope to keep up with this co-operation with companies!

Text: Matias Koskela, Essi Isohanni

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