TTA-based Co-design Environment (TCE) v1.17 released

In addition to pocl, the other open source project Customized Parallel Computing (CPC) research group has been leading the development of for quite some time is TTA-based Co-design Environment (TCE). TCE is an open source toolkit for design and programming of energy efficient application-specific processors based on the transport-triggered programming model. The customized processors designed with TCE can be implemented on new silicon ASIC designs and as FPGA soft cores.

Version 1.17 is mainly a maintenance release to receive the latest LLVM improvements. LLVM is the compiler framework used as a backbone in the TCE’s on-the-fly retargeting compiler.

Like pocl’s, also the TCE’s open source maintenance is supported the following funding sources: Academy of Finland (funding decision 297548), Business Finland (FiDiPro project StreamPro, 1846/31/2014) and HSA Foundation. We thank you again!

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