Person of the Day: University Teacher Sakari Lahti

Hailing from Kokkola, my story at TUT begins back in 1997 when I came here to study physics. I graduated in 2002 but soon understood that I would never be the next Einstein. Therefore, in 2008 I decided to switch my career to something easier: digital systems and computer engineering. I graduated again at TUT in 2014 and continued on to doctoral studies supervised by Prof. Timo D. Hämäläinen.

I found myself occupied with at least as much teaching as researching. I have teached on Digital Design, DSP Implementations, Logic Synthesis, Microprocessors, System Design, and Computer Architecture courses among others, as well as supervised B.Sc. theses. This March I was appointed as a university teacher at our laboratory. My research involves high-level synthesis, i.e. how to describe digital systems using “high-level” languages such as C++.

My passion in leisure time is different kinds of games. These include not only PC games but also board games and pen & paper role playing games (not to be confused with LARPing). I wonder how many employees at our laboratory have delved in dungeons and battled dragons with their friends in their formative years. Some of us still do it weekly :). I am also deeply interested in physics, cosmology, philosophy, history, and politics. I take advantage of the Tamppi Areena gym to prevent being a total couch potato.

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