Shooting the robots on “UX in Robotics” course

Hello everyone, and greetings from “UX in Robotics” course!

Shooting the lecture scene in Language Center.

This time the course teachers Aino and Kirsikka decided to shoot a video to show everyone what interesting things we learn in the UX in robotics course. The filming took place in the main building of Tampere University of Technology, where students from the robotics course volunteered to participate. It was a fun activity for everyone. In the first part of the shooting, Aino was giving lecture and students were interacting with each other. Students interacting with each other followed the second scenario. We then moved on to the next phase, which was making fun cheerleader poses and making of the affinity diagram (one of the field study data analysis methods used on the course).

The scene where the students made a robot prototype out of cardboard.

The shooting continued in the library of Kampusareena where the students created a cardboard prototype and hand drawn sketches of robots. Now we have a new member in our robot family.

Meet the new member of our human-centered robotics family. It does not have a name yet. Any suggestions?

Behind the scenes: There were few interesting incidents happening during the process. I, along with Kirsikka were stuck in the elevator with Pepper. Instead of having a panic attack, we started gossiping about what Pepper would do if we turned it on. We were also discussing what might happen if we see zombies approaching us. During the shooting, Aino shared a heart touching story about her Icelandic horse and soon we started discussing about robot horses. We came up with a new research topic “Human-horse-robot interaction”. We also discussed about “octopus robot” and “granny robot” during the discussion session.

The whole shooting experience was very funny and it will be more fun next year when the UX in Robotics course will run with full force and be worth 5 credit points. Welcome to join the course next year, 4th period! We will post the link to the final video clip as soon as it gets ready.

Cheers, Aparajita Chowdhury
On behalf of the robot family (Aino, Aleksi, Kirsikka, Nao, Pepper, cardboard robot and me)

Small participants can get tired very easily on the video making..


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