Advanced course on real-time Linux on SoC-FPGA

TUT and Wapice are organizing a special hands-on course TIE-50307 on embedded Linux in fall 2018. This course focuses on IoT and intelligent machine devices running Linux on custom HW and real time constraints.

The main topics are

  • Building Linux for custom platforms using Yocto
  • Writing kernel drivers and interrupt services for custom HW blocks
  • Measuring interrupt performance with a configurable interrupt source
  • Tuning Linux for real-time use

The course is implemented as a seminar with guest lectures, weekly exercises and student group presentations on literature. We use Xilinx ZYNQ SoC-FPGAs as the platform, open source tools and FPGA blocks by courtesy of Wapice.

The course is intended for late-stage master’s students and doctoral students who already know operating systems, C/C++ programming and at least basics of FPGA designs. We have 36 seats available because of the seminar implementation.

Please sign up to TIE-50307 at the latest by Sep 3 2018. You may take the course also via Open University, but note that the deadline for applications is Aug 23.2018 and note that we might not be able to accept all applicants. The course starts on week 35 (Sept 3 2018). See details from POP when signed up.

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