TIE Nature Workshop around Robotics

“Aino, can we do this in weekly basis?” “Aino, can we do some more activities?” were the most commonly heard comments after the TIE Nature Workshop around Robotics, which was held in Kirskaanniemi trekking area (Lempäälä) on 11st of October, 2018. People from Pervasive Computing as well as Cognitive Robotics were invited to join a relaxational workshop in the forest and invent new ideas for robot related collaboration in the university.

The workshop included a  1 km Brainwolk walking meeting to the actual fire place. During the Brainwolk, the participants discussed in pairs about what kinds of robots they had met and what would be the robot of their dreams (and how is it related to AI). We also had a couple of nature-based activites along the way. The nature showed us it’s most wonderful colors while we were walking, as the forest was full of yellow leaves. Everything was so peaceful and everybody seemed to get relaxed.

On the fire place location (Kirskaanniemi) we had a learning cafe type of discussion around the following topics: how could robots be utilized in programming course as motivational characters, what kinds of models of agile collaboration we could have for programming the robots, and how could the robots support our wellbeing at work. Plenty of excellent ideas came up – we will be working with them soon. After that it was time to “burn” some sausages and marshmallows, and raise a toast to the anonymous person who just got older but decided never start behaving as a grown-up.

Thanks once more for everybody who joined, I hope you got good memories out of this lovely time that we spent together in the middle of nowhere and without any robots 🙂

CU and Cheers, Aino A.

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