Doctoral students unite!

The post-graduates at the department are organizing an unofficial gathering of the department’s doctoral students. The idea is to get to know the people who are working on their doctoral studies and to be able to share experiences, wisdom, failures, best practices, and on the side maybe a drink. Also in Finnish we have this thing called vertaistuki (-paine?). The gathering is also open to people considering doctoral studies. They are welcome to join the event and hear what it’s been like for others. These gatherings are also meant for all doctoral students of our department, not just for those who are working here.

post-grad at the department? Meet your peers and get support.

post-grad at the department? Meet your peers and get support.

WHY? Sharing is (s)caring.

WHEN? First gathering on 19.9.2014 at 18 (the following gatherings are going to be held monthly)

WHERE? Restaurant Plevna (the next location will be decided together)

To reserve yourself a spot at the table and get messages about these gatherings you can sign up here:

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  1. Eliza Tyas says:

    Thankou for much information

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