Project work course groups show nice progress in mid-project presentations

Project work course students have worked for 2 months and showed their progress yesterday (4.11)  in the course’s mid-project presentation session.

It was great to see the various projects in practice and how the groups are developing usefull and challenging products using advanced web site technologies, new device control tools, intelligent eyeglass platforms – and much more! The session was also an opportunity for the students to practise giving presentations. All groups got plenty of written feedback from fellow students to aid their learning.
Of course groups have had problems during their projects and told the audience about them, but that is precisely the idea: learning to meet problems just like in real life, tackling them and moving ahead.

Let’s also remember the companies without which this all is not possible: Bitwise, Cometa, Futurice, Gofore, Leadin, Metso Automation, Movendos, Valmet Power and Vincit.

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