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aka the opportunity of a lifetime: Pervasive Computing is looking for students who would like to attend a global course on Open Source Software (OSS) development. The course is a unique opportunity to work with real OSS projects in global student teams. What is required is solid programming skills, knowledge in user experience, and an open mind to working with people from all over the world.

Facebook Open Academy

The Facebook Wall

The Facebook Wall

For the 3rd consecutive year, the department is participating in a joint course with Stanford University on Open Source Software development with a focus on user experience / user-centered design. Jay Borenstein from Stanford is the coordinator of the global course and the course has an interesting company behind it: Facebook is the main sponsor of the course. At TUT, Terhi Kilamo will act as the instructor.

What’s in it for you?

The TUT students selected to the course will become members in global student teams, and work on assigned OSS projects during the spring term 2015. The way of working will be based on agile and lean principles. In addition to actual programming work in the OSS projects, TUT students will be looking especially at the UX / UCD of the project. In addition there will be a literature review task, project presentations and discussions with fellow students here at TUT. And as a part of the project you get to visit California!

Facebook Open Academy 2014 Code Sprint

Facebook Open Academy 2014 Code Sprint

What we expect from you:

  • Skills and willingness to participate in OSS software development (actual coding work included!)
  • Knowledge and interest in UX / UCD / UI / usability development (you don’t have to be an expert but basic knowledge is assumed)
  • Good English skills, both written and spoken; willingness and ability to communicate in global online meetings
  • Capability to visit California in February (the costs for flights and hotel are covered by Facebook) to attend a “first code sprint” on Jan 30 – Feb 1 and to meet with the global team members on Facebook’s premises in Menlo Park
  • Capability to attend weekly meetings during spring 2015 (February-April), also possibly in “weird” hours of the day outside normal office hours (the team members will come from all over the world)
Code OSS with a bunch of great people from the US, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, etc. maybe?

Code OSS with a bunch of great people from the US, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, etc. maybe?


What this course offers you:

  • Learning about OSS project work / SW engineering in a real world, global setting
  • Learning how to apply UX / UCD work in OSS projects
  • Experience of Agile SW development in a global team
  • 5 CU’s applicable for post-graduate studies
  • A visit to California @ Facebook in Menlo Park at the end of January 2015

Apply now!

If you are interested and think you qualify, please contact Terhi Kilamo ( by Friday, November 21st or preferably sooner :), and shortly describe why you would be an ideal candidate to join the course. There is a limited amount of places available.

The Facebook wall of snacks and candy

The Facebook wall of snacks and candy

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