A new colleague

Hi Everyone!

My name is Vafa (I know it is a bit strange in Finnish language, but the right pronunciation is Väfa!).

It is my second year here at TUT and I am studying a double-major degree in Biomedical Engineering and IT. I have started my Master Thesis here, in the department of pervasive computing under the supervision of Francois Christophe and with Tommi Mikkonen as my professor. My master thesis is about creating a model and simulation of neuronal activity in MEA (micro electrode array) plates. This topic is quite interesting for me since it is an Interdisciplinary subject related to both Biomedical Engineering and IT. I am also quite happy to work with Francois (he has been very helpful in clarifying vague points for me so far!).


I am passionate about music. I play piano and three other national instruments (The one in the picture is one of them!) of my homeland, Iran. I am also member of Teekkarikuoro and we have spent a great time together in concerts, rehearsals and camps!

Looking forward to getting to know all of you , 🙂

Vafa, TF108

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