California coding

We recently called for students to join us on a unique learning opportunity and  participate a course on open source software and user experience. Six students out of 30 hopefuls were chosen to form the Pervasive Computing student team this year. Last week, we travelled to sunny California to do what you do in Silicon Valley, code.


Sunny San Francisco

The Pervasive Computing student team. Photo: Kimmo Brunfeldt

The Pervasive Computing student team. Photo: Kimmo Brunfeldt








During the spring term our students will be working on and contributing to three open source projects: Chef, Ruby on Rails and Open Source Design. The coding got to a great start during a two-day event in Menlo Park, California filled with writing code, planning the spring, and meeting students from all corners of the globe.

The team also made a day trip to the Stanford University campus where our assistant professor Petri is currently working as a visiting scholar and kindly showed us around the campus and gave the students some insight on the themes of his visit.

Two days of coding in Be Open

A weekend full of coding in Be Open at 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park

Stanford campus at twilight

Stanford campus at twilight

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