Publications of 2014 almost filed

Our dear secretary has filed 221 publications and expert tasks for our department for the year 2014. Did we remember to report everything to Hilkka…? You can see the search results in TUT Portfolio here.

As the majority of the researchers in our department know, the publication forums are nowadays ranked with so called JuFo ranking. The rating has three levels: 1 denotes the basic level; on level 2 are the leading publications of the field and 3 is the top tier.

Our scientific prowess is assessed by the amount of publications and their level, high level publications being more valuable as lower levels. Last year, our department collectively published 12 publications on levels 2 and 3. Congratulations to the authors!

To ensure that no result points are missed, you should inform the secretaries of all your publications. After all, it affects the image of the whole department and the future support our department may get. Remember, that also all other kinds of merits should be filed, such as being a chair in conferences, reviewing others’ articles and so on. See merits for a concise list.

The process to inform your publications will change this year as a new system, tentatively known as TUTCRIS, will be taken into use, for the foreseeable future in May. Then some of the information will be automatically retieved from publication databases.

And of course, you can use JuFo ranking as a guideline to help you decide where to publish. High level publications are deemed greatly in the academic circles, and their JuFo ranking is usually high.

photo by Joel Penner

photo by Joel Penner

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