Summer of Code @PervasiveTUT: Roomba robots

From the beginning of May, we have had a new employee at the department of pervasive computing. He is Ivan Lončar and he is on an IAESTE internship programming Roomba cleaning robot fleet management software. The internship will last until the end of July and during summer of code Ivan will implement new features to the fleet management system. The Roomba robot fleet management project is a continuation of a work started in the project course last year. The software is open source and is available in GitHub. The project aims at producing an enviroment which will simulate a work machine fleet with inexpensive Roomba robots. Here is a short introductory video of the Roomba Fleet Management:



Now, let’s allow Ivan to introduce himself.

Hi, I am Ivan Lončar

My name is Ivan Lončar and I am coming from Osijek, Croatia. Osijek is a small town situated on the south side of river named Drava in the eastern region of the Croatia. About 100 000 people live in Osijek making it the fourth largest city in the Croatia.


I am at my second year of MA in Computer Science. I still have four more exams and a final thesis in order to finish my studies. I have come here to Tampere for an internship to program Roomba robots and get practical experience in programming. The Roomba project is implemented in Qt C++ programming language  and my final thesis has to be in C++, so the experience really helps with that.

Why Tampere?

I am volunteering at an international organisation named IAESTE. I like to travel and thus I decided to do an internship outside my country.  I have also worked with students coming to Croatia to do their internships. There, they where learning a lot of things and I wanted to try that out myself. When I saw that Finland was mentioned in one of the offers, I thought to myself that I have never been there, but have always wanted to visit the country. That’s why I chose Finland and Tampere. When I got my internship confirmed, I started reading about Finland. Things I found out surprised me because I saw only positive aspects. Then I came here to see it with my own eyes.

Most of all I like the nature here. In my hometown, when I have free time, I ride my bike to the woods at the opposite side of river. I just like spending my time in the nature. The nature here in Finland is pretty awesome with all the lakes and woods. People here are also very nice and friendly too, and ready to help you with anything you need.

In my opinion, Finland is a nice county, well-organised, and has one of the best educational systems I have ever seen. Now with this internship, I can experience that kind of education myself, and it means a lot to me. The culture differs somewhat from my culture; the food, the sports and having fun – I have never before seen anybody throwing a frisbee into a box – not even in the movies – but I can see that happening here :).

In general, I like all the small differences in cultures because it makes the world so beautiful. I want to experience all positive things that human mind can create which can put a smile on your face and into your heart, too. Overall, the system here is great, your ways of having fun are cool, people are friendly and nice, and the nature is mostly untouched. I see that as a proof that people here are thankful for the nature and really enjoy it.

In my free time I like running, walking, swimming and other sports. Camping in the nature, travelling, watching movies and sports (especially football) and meeting new people are also close to my heart. I also enjoy playing guitar, writing songs and thinking about all things like a philosopher :). I like to enjoy every moment of life and improve myself in all kinds of aspects, and I can clearly do that here.

You can find me from my office TE117. You can come by and ask more about Roomba robots, Croatia or anything.

Written by: Ivan, Marko and Veli-Pekka

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