Project work course students showed their results in final presentation day

Our project work course 2014-15 had the Final Presentations day on Friday 6.2.2015. After months of working, all ten groups have done a good job and produced nice products for their customers and themselves to utilise. It was nice to see diversity in goals and products’ focus areas and also the problems groups met and learned from during their projects, as diversity in competences is something we really need. And most importantly, all groups managed to tackle the problems and produce a nice end result and that is what running projects is all about. At the end of the day we had the traditional evening party at Teekkarisauna, where the students could rewind after the hard work.

At the party, the day’s sponsors declared their choices, based on what was heard at the presentations. It was nice to hear good criteria for the selections and external views from industry are always welcome. Vincit’s (Pasi Kovanen) choice went to group Kactus 3D, customer TUT, and Wapice (Kati Kovalainen-Kujala, Jyrki Keskinen & Jouko Haapaluoma) chose group Haamuryhmä, customer Valmet Power, as their favourite.


Group Kactus 3D (Xuelin Shen missing from photo) with sponsor’s presents


Group Haamuryhmä (Wapice’s representatives (on the right)

But always the most important award is the respect by colleagues. The students chose the best presentation of the year and that choice went to group proYeti, customer Movendos.  Silver medal went to Kactus 3D and the third prize to Haamuryhmä.


Group proYeti

Note that later course staff will analyze all information from the groups’ work, including customer feedback and choose one group as the best of the year, to be awarded with a small stipend from Information Processing Association in Pirkanmaa Region, Pitky.

Big thanks to the customers that provided the students fine topics: Bitwise, Cometa, Futurice, Gofore, Leadin, Metso Automation, Movendos, Valmet Power, Vincit and TUT.

For next year, we will start collecting topics in June and August, so start thinking of good topics for our students. Note that again we will seek projects that provice “full-scale” simulation of a product development projects, not just a demo or feasibility study.

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