A newish member and project

My name is Aino and I started to work here (again :)), more specifically in IHTE. During the last three months of year 2014 I finalized my PhD thesis, which I recently returned to “be inspected in the department”. The name of the thesis is “MOBILE APPLICATIONS TO SUPPORT PHYSICAL EXERCISE – MOTIVATIONAL FACTORS AND DESIGN STRATEGIES”. Actually I did my research in Nokia Research Center, where I used to work for several years. My background is in psychology and user-centered design, and I have also worked in VTT prior to this job. To summarize, my personal interests include very much the following: exercising, outdoor activities, handicrafts, design, renovation of old things, being lazy…

The new project I started in is a Tekes project called “Pop Up Research” (https://medium.com/pop-up-research). Its official aim is to co-design and test work environments and practices for improving knowledge work productivity and well-being. The project is done together with architects, professionals of knowledge work, and us, user experience designers. As an UX designer, I am exploring the possibilities of technologies (e.g. apps, devices, sensors…) to be integrated into the Pop Up workspace in a user friendly manner. I would also like to change the whole working culture via design of novel Pop Up workspaces: from sedentary to active, from informal to friendly, from passive to inspiring. Let’s see what kind of workspaces we will create during the following two years! It is possible that I invite YOU to join some user studies during the project. Please attend when you get the call 🙂

Cheers, Aino (F214)

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