Educational Data Mining and Programming

The Conference on Integrating Technology into Computer Science Education (ITiCSE) is one of the two major ACM’s Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education events organized every year. Whereas ITiCSE has been a European conference, its counterpart, SIGCSE conference, has always taken place in the US.

Part of ITiCSE are Working Groups (WGs) that provide a unique opportunity to work intensively with five to dozen like minded teachers and researchers interested in computing education. A wide variety of topics have been covered by the previous groups, from trying to understand how novices read programs, to motivating (also) our top performing students and diving into interactive ebooks.

One of this year’s WG topics, “Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics in how Students Construct Solutions to Programming Problems” is by Arto Vihavainen and by myself. The goal of our group is to “create a foundation for research on mining students’ programming processes, to make such data more widely available, and to determine the applicability of existing practices from the literature (e.g. how to use data to identify at-risk students or model students’ progress) on multiple data sets.” For further details on what we would like to achieve, please read our call.

Working groups’ (online) work will start well before the conference so that at the conference all WG members can sit down (in a small room) for the whole week and come out with a manuscript. The week of work will be intensive but also rewarding. Please, tell if you are interested in joining us.

Superheroes and other characters - Captain America and Buzz Lightyear for example.

Mandatory artwork illustrating the variety of ITiCSE working group attendants and their skills. Photo by JD Hancock, Flickr (creative commons)

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