Happy Clouds in Berlin

EASI-CLOUDS project won an award at ITEA-Artemis co-summit! For more information about the award see: https://itea3.org/co-summit-2015/itea-awards-of-excellence-1.html

The mission of the EASI-CLOUDS project was to develop advanced cloud technologies. The vision has been that customers can compare, select and buy computing as any other utility. EASI-CLOUDS developed technologies for that – especially brokering, federation and SLA negotiation.

The project also won an excellence award in Business Impact: https://itea3.org/co-summit-2015/itea-awards-of-excellence-1.html

Figure 1. Coordinator of the project, Mario Lopez Ramos giving a speech at Co-summit on Berlin. CoRED editor developer at TUT is shown on the slide.

The project had partners from six countries (Finland, France, Germany, Egypt, Korea and Egypt) and the Finnish consortium consisted of TUT, University of Helsinki, F-Secure, Leonidas Oyj, Innofactor, and GearShift.

TUT team work on two goals that both relate to application and service creation:

  1. Cloud-based software development. We utilized the our existing asset, CoRED/MIDEaaS and intagrated it with technologies developed by other partners. For instance in Figure 1, CoRED has been integrated with a billing service created by a German partner ORGA. Another example is continuous deployment pipe line that uses cloud technologies developed in France.
  2. Service composition system for end-users.

As a result of the project we have

  • New international contacts and experience.
  • Increased competence in Cloud Computing and an Open Stack based cloud installation that can be used in further R&D projects.
  • The continuous deployment pipeline is utilized in later projects, especially Need-for-Speed.
  • Several publications.
  • One master thesis and two doctoral thesis by project members were defended by the team during the project.

Alumni of the project in alphabetical order: Farshad Ahmadighohandizi, Otto Hylli, Samuel Lahtinen, Janne Lautamäki, Tommi Mikkonen, Anna Ruokonen, Tiia Suvanto, Kari Systä.

For more information contact Kari Systä.


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