Liquid writing of a paper about Liquid Software

A blog about one research theme, about one recently accepted paper and about the process of writing the paper.

The paper

Three professors write a paper together within a tight schedule without f2f discussions – and two of the professors have never met each other. Can that be a good recipe?  We decided to have one skype call for planning, use ShareLatex ( ) and start collaborative writing. Thanks to shared trust, active writing and commitment the paper was ready by the deadline of International Conference on Web Engineering ICWE 2015 and was even accepted. The paper is:

Tommi Mikkonnen, Kari Systa, and Cesare Pautasso:  Towards Liquid Web Applications

and its abstract is:

As the complexity of rich Web applications grows together with the power and number of Web browsers, the next Web engineering challenge to be addressed is to design and deploy Web applications to make coherent use of all devices. As users nowadays operate multiple personal computers, smart phones, tablets, and computing devices embedded into home appliances or cars, the architecture of current Web applications needs to be redesigned to enable what we call Liquid Software. Liquid Web applications not only can take full advantage of the computing, storage and communication resources available on all devices owned by the end user, but also can seamlessly and dynamically migrate from one device to another continuously following the user attention and usage context. In this paper we address the Liquid Software concept in the context of Web applications and survey to which extent and how current Web technologies can support its novel requirements.

Liquid Software

This paper is part of one research team in our department: Liquid Software. In this research we assume multidevice ownership. i.e.. people will use increasing number of device to access their content and applications. We argue that this transition to multiple device ownership will eventually lead us to liquid software – an approach that will allow data and applications to seamlessly move between multiple devices and screens. The new era will imply significant changes in the development, deployment and use of software, opening up new opportunities in software engineering research as well. For more information see, there is our manifesto and examples of our work!


Liquid SW in the move - two alternatives

Liquid SW on the move – two alternatives

And a bit about the history

The recollection is that first discussions about the Liquid Software, although name was not invented yet, took place in Spring 2011 near the tower in the picture. Some quality liquids, typical to the area, help the brain storming, but in very modest quantity.


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