Summer event: what, where, when, who?

During the spring we headed out to Himos for a day of skiing and hiking. Traditionally the department has also headed for the summer holidays with a social event. In its previous meeting, the Pervasive Computing development forum came up with suggestions for the upcoming event in June. Previously we have been to Majaranta, with food, sauna and mosquitoes. Together with the sauna there has been geocaching and a pervasive olympics –yard games as activities in the recent events.

Skiing at Himos

Pervasive Computing skiing at Himos

The current idea list is:

    • Summer sauna as before, but with fun activities prior and possibly at another location besides Majaranta. For example, Kaupinoja with UKK institute. Some of the activities listed here could be combined with the traditional dinner and sauna format.
    • A day at Särkänniemi. TUT is however offering this already on 2.5. 10-13.
    • Vihreä Polku offers a range of activities (and sauna facilities). For example, there is canoeing, archery, forest golf and frisbee golf and a climbing
    • Golf at Vuohenoja
    • Frisbee golf (for example VihiojaEpilä)
    • Visiting the Rantatunneli construction is possible
    • A dance class (for example: salsa, samba)
    • Taiji or Kendo class. Taiji could be done outside for example at Sorsapuisto
    • Varala with possibilities ranging from kayaking or rowing a kirkkovene (a boat used to get to church in Finland in the old times, offers a good team effort exercise) to climbing and loads more.
    • Day trip to Tallinn
    • Day trip to Jämi. There are loads of activities by several different organisers in Jämi.

As this is an event for the entire department feel free to leave a reply to pitch in your own suggestions and discuss the possibilities!

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