End Gala – SW Engineering Methodology Course

Friday 16th  May was a special day for all people involved in TIE-21106 SW engineering methodology course. It was the end gala; students were supposed to present what they have done as the project work to whoever attended in lecture hall TB103 at TUT. Students had developed a game called Wizball in groups of 4 members. They were given a list of some basic features to implement in their game and 4 sprints to complete the implementation. As recommended by course staff, most projects were developed in Processing programming language.

The gala starts and the first group is on the stage to proudly play a game which they made themselves! The game is good, but it seems that they are not good at playing it!


First group is one the stage

Creativities are awesome! One group chooses Hydra as the final stage boss for the hardest part of their game. They put group members’ heads instead of the Hydra’s heads! When the head is relaxed, it is not dangerous, but when it attacks, fire will be blown from members’ mouth!!!


A nasty creature consists of team members’ heads!

Members of one group are loyal to where TUT resides. Why Hervanta is called Herwood is another story, but this group used this name in their user stories!!!


This game happens in Hervanta! Maybe the ball is coming to TUT!

In the final stage of one group, the ball should chase from a big black hole which sucks in everything around it. One member plays the game before audience. The miserable little ball hits other planets off and on going back and forth trying to flee from huge appetite of the nasty black hole. Audience is looking so stressful to see what the destiny of the little ball is. Yeah, she escapes with a big round of applause.


The black hole is the nastiest creature … essscaaapeeeee …

In addition to demos, students are asked to present the learnings from the course. Many students have expressed that the project work was good experience and they got the opportunity to learn about the development practices that are carried out in the industry. This gives the course staff good motivation to make the course even better next time.

Now that all groups have presented their projects, it’s time to vote for the winner. Each student is eligible to vote for three groups and give three points to the best one, 2 points to the second place, and 1 point to the third place.  Results are written on the board.


Collecting votes of students to find the best group

Congratulations to the Group 1, the champion of all the times … no no … I mean the spring 2015!!! Here are the videos by Group 1 presented at the end gala:


Group 1, Fantastic four! Jaakko Alanen, Olli-Petteri Pajuluoma, Tommi Korhonen and Markus Hirvonen receiving their awards from Tero Ahtee.

Co-author:  Sriharsha Vathsavayi

Photos: Kari Systä

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