PhD marathon 2015

PhD marathon millesime 2015 was once more a great occasion for all of us to see how well doctoral topics at the Department cover the whole scope of Pervasive Computing. From hardware, also called here “Rrrrauta!” to Cloud computing, from user experience and social interactions to quality, safety and cryptography, very interesting issues are on their way to be solved by our doctoral researchers.

From the 21 presentations, common keywords emerged, like: cloud, interoperability, integration, visualization, social interaction, accelerated, efficient, and minimum viable. These show a certain unity within the Department, but mostly can be the key to new works across doctoral topics.

We were many to participate to this event and questions showed the interest we have in each others works. The room was quite well populated but indeed, we can always do better.

Once again, congratulations to all the presenters in order of appearance: Otto, Anna-Liisa, Marko, Antti, Timo, Jarno, Jonathan, Susanna, Niko, Laura, Farshad, Jarmo, Teemu, Sampo, Markku, Esko, Henri, Harsha, Matti, Heikki and Timo.
Welcome to everyone next year! Objective: fifty participants in the audience!

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