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ACSAC ’18 in Puerto Rico

Hey there! At the beginning of this month, three members of the NISEC group (Nicola, Sohaib and I) traveled to Puerto Rico to escape kaamos present our paper “Side-Channel Analysis of SM2: A Late-Stage Featurization Case Study”. In our paper we … Continue reading

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ATHENA: Authenticated Encryption Analysis

As opposed to a traditional block cipher that only provides confidentiality, Authenticated Encryption (AE) is a cryptographic primitive achieving confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity in a single function. AE is a fundamental concept in e.g. TLS, with several cipher suites utilizing … Continue reading

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Research Visit: University of Bristol

I had an opportunity to visit for a Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) at University of Bristol during week 16 (18.04-22.04). The visit was funded by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Action IC1403 Cryptacus. The title was “Side … Continue reading

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Report: Lightweight Crypto Day 2016

At the end of March, I attended Technion’s Lightweight Crypto Day 2016 in Haifa, Israel. There’s so much technical stuff happening in Haifa — from startups to Fortune 500 presence. In my opinion, lightweight crypto is kind of a buzz … Continue reading

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Report: NordSec 2015

Last week, I attended the Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems (NordSec 2015). Although it’s experienced some internationalization, NordSec is traditionally a local conference — and with this year being the 20th anniversary, it has a rich history. On average, … Continue reading

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Report: CriM 2015 and Oulu Winter School

I recently returned from Oulu, where Juha Röning and Thomas Schaberreiter organized the co-located Ninth International Crisis Management Workshop (CriM15) and Oulu Winter School. At a high level, the event focused on security, trust, privacy, risk, and cryptography. I caught … Continue reading

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Authenticated Encryption: CAESAR Round 2

The crypto community likes algorithm competitions. It gives us a chance to practice all sorts of skills: design, cryptanalysis, implementation, and standardization. Maybe even soft skills too like collaboration and communication. I’ll also half-jokingly comment it helps the field self-sustain: … Continue reading

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Report: BalkanCryptSec 2015

I attended the second annual International Conference on Cryptography and Information Security that took place 03-04 September in Koper, Slovenia in the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (FAMNIT). Koper is a beautiful cozy coastal town on the … Continue reading

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Report: Summer school on real-world crypto and privacy

Meet Bob. Bob is a doctoral student or post-doc — I don’t recall, maybe even an MSc student. Bob doesn’t like social / professional networking. He prefers to spend his time alone in his office at TUT. Maybe with the … Continue reading

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Report: RSA Conference 2015

I attended the 24th annual RSA Conference 2015 in San Francisco from 20-24 April. Previously, I published at RSAC in 2012 and attended in 2013. RSAC is strange for academics because it is so commercial — over 28,000 attendees, over … Continue reading

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